Embracing the Flaw P. 1

If there would  be one flaw that exceeds the others

That would  be my inability to stay interested  in one particular thing

Honestly,  I don’t  have favorites 

That’s  why it was difficult  for me to fill up those slumbook my classmates were giving me during highschool 

I know what area I’m good at

But it doesn’t  mean I’m into it

I maybe into it but it doesn’t mean I’m passionate about it

I maybe passionate with it but it doesnt  mean I’m  committed on it

I easily get bored with things and worse,  with people

That is probably one of the main reasons why it was easy for me to forget and replace people in my life

When I get bored with them,  I don’t  communicate  with  them

Which is the best way  to end a relationship with people

You’re  probably  thinking how cruel it sounded

But that is how it works for me since the beginning.


You are Enough

In a recent movie  of Filipina actress and actor-Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil respectively titled “My Exs and Whys”

One question caught  my attention

When Cali (Soberano)  asked Gio (Gil) ,

Am I not enough?

This question does not only applies to the situation  where you got cheated or betrayed by someone you love/care

But also in many aspects  of our life

Am I not enough  question in the relationship  is a result of partial “I know I had some lacking but do you have to do it?” and “I did everything  and give everything but why did you do it? “

It is between accepting and knowing you have faults and not only that person and firmly affirming and questioning  that person despite everything  you’ve done, it is still not enough.  

Am I not  enough?  is a question that should  be answer by yourself.  Yes, yourself,  because you of all people know yourself  more. 

Don’t  depend on the answer of others.  

Everyone has their own opinions or views on how they see you but never ever let that define you,  dictate you and change you into someone you’re  not and not the real you. 

So,  if ever that question pops to you.  You know yourself. 
You are enough.





 You just don’t  see your worth because you’re  busy doubting and questioning yourself. 

You are worth more than a diamond or gold because YOU ARE YOU.  

Uncover the Unreal Man: When it all started

We were documenting a true to life story of one of our seniors during my sophomore year

A cliché kind of story on how this man pursue this woman and ended up together

Covering their story made me realize when would be that person will finally come to my life

Suddenly,  I felt a tap from my back while I was in a deep talk with myself

Another tap when I didn’t  move an inch

After sometime,  I looked behind and saw a guy

It was the man from the story

He said,  “You’ll  meet that person when you reach your junior year”

Do my thoughts speak so loud and even he responded?

Or does my face says everything?

Am I transparent enough  for them to see what is running  through  my mind?

Or do they also feel what I am experiencing  right now?

Nonetheless,  I smiled and then laughed at him,  replying ” We’ll  see about that”

And when four years of the unknown man ended,  I met that person four months  after and I was a junior.



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Untold Story  of the Unknown Man Part 4

All we had was four years of a bumpy ride

And one day to end four years of what we have

Four might not be a good number for you and for me

But four years was sure a hell ride for me. 

After four years of you and me, I met a person who made me believe…

Four years is just a number because I met that person four months after. 


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Four years ended like a swift wind in the sky. Undetected but unfortunately memorable. Your story may not be told but you are to be kept not in our future but in my past that will surely create my present so Thank you Unknown Man.

Untold Story of the Unknown Man Part 3

Only few questions left but the one I’ve been waiting is not asked yet

It took me courage to say these words “Who do you like?”

Hoping that would be my final  chance

You look into my eyes and say slowly and intently 

“YOU” and that was the last time you and I spoke. 


Photo by dancamcho
We finally came to point where confession either bring us closer together or would end things forever. A story not to be told but a memory to be kept.


Untold Story of the  Unknown Man Part 2

You were smiling  when you asked to play a game

A game that flipped the coin of friendship  to possible relationship 

We played twenty questions and you started to ask

“Do you like someone now?” and I said “Aye”


We might not be each other’s firsts but we are definitely each other’s pain in the arse. And that is the sole reason why you’re still breathing in the memory of a woman who gladly accepted the destiny of the unknown Man. A story not to be told but a memory to be kept.

Untold Story of the Unknown Man

It took four years for us to figure things out

A single moment to remove all the doubts

A simple question with an obvious answer

And a confession that brought us closer together 


I may not be your first and you might not be my first but we were destined to meet and be each other’s unforgettable past. A story not be told but a memory to be kept.

Blood from the East

Singer-song writer Bruno Mars, Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical, Nicole Scherzinger of Pussycat dolls and Allan Pineda Lindo aka ” Apl.De.Ap” of Black Eye Peas  are some of the famous artists in the world with Filipino blood running through their veins.

Emmanuel “Manny” Dapidran Pacquiao is a Filipino professional boxer who is considered as one of the greatest boxers of all time considering he is the first and only eight-division world champion and currently holding WBO and lineal welterweight title.

Miss Universe Pia Wurtzback who represented the Philippines in 2015 Miss Universe pageant held in Las, Vegas, Nevada, United States was one of the personalities recently who made Philippines raised its flag to the world in terms of pageantry.

Philippines, indeed, produces quality personality in different fields. There are many more personalities that I failed to mention but the point is, Philippines can’t only pride its land but also its people- Filipinos.