Untold Story of the  Unknown Man Part 2

You were smiling  when you asked to play a game

A game that flipped the coin of friendship  to possible relationship 

We played twenty questions and you started to ask

“Do you like someone now?” and I said “Aye”


We might not be each other’s firsts but we are definitely each other’s pain in the arse. And that is the sole reason why you’re still breathing in the memory of a woman who gladly accepted the destiny of the unknown Man. A story not to be told but a memory to be kept.

Untold Story of the Unknown Man

It took four years for us to figure things out

A single moment to remove all the doubts

A simple question with an obvious answer

And a confession that brought us closer together 


I may not be your first and you might not be my first but we were destined to meet and be each other’s unforgettable past. A story not be told but a memory to be kept.