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Untold Story  of the Unknown Man Part 4

All we had was four years of a bumpy ride

And one day to end four years of what we have

Four might not be a good number for you and for me

But four years was sure a hell ride for me. 

After four years of you and me, I met a person who made me believe…

Four years is just a number because I met that person four months after. 


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Four years ended like a swift wind in the sky. Undetected but unfortunately memorable. Your story may not be told but you are to be kept not in our future but in my past that will surely create my present so Thank you Unknown Man.

Untold Story of the Unknown Man Part 3

Only few questions left but the one I’ve been waiting is not asked yet

It took me courage to say these words “Who do you like?”

Hoping that would be my final  chance

You look into my eyes and say slowly and intently 

“YOU” and that was the last time you and I spoke. 


Photo by dancamcho
We finally came to point where confession either bring us closer together or would end things forever. A story not to be told but a memory to be kept.