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Embracing the Flaw P. 1

If there would  be one flaw that exceeds the others

That would  be my inability to stay interested  in one particular thing

Honestly,  I don’t  have favorites 

That’s  why it was difficult  for me to fill up those slumbook my classmates were giving me during highschool 

I know what area I’m good at

But it doesn’t  mean I’m into it

I maybe into it but it doesn’t mean I’m passionate about it

I maybe passionate with it but it doesnt  mean I’m  committed on it

I easily get bored with things and worse,  with people

That is probably one of the main reasons why it was easy for me to forget and replace people in my life

When I get bored with them,  I don’t  communicate  with  them

Which is the best way  to end a relationship with people

You’re  probably  thinking how cruel it sounded

But that is how it works for me since the beginning.