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You are Enough

In a recent movie  of Filipina actress and actor-Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil respectively titled “My Exs and Whys”

One question caught  my attention

When Cali (Soberano)  asked Gio (Gil) ,

Am I not enough?

This question does not only applies to the situation  where you got cheated or betrayed by someone you love/care

But also in many aspects  of our life

Am I not enough  question in the relationship  is a result of partial “I know I had some lacking but do you have to do it?” and “I did everything  and give everything but why did you do it? “

It is between accepting and knowing you have faults and not only that person and firmly affirming and questioning  that person despite everything  you’ve done, it is still not enough.  

Am I not  enough?  is a question that should  be answer by yourself.  Yes, yourself,  because you of all people know yourself  more. 

Don’t  depend on the answer of others.  

Everyone has their own opinions or views on how they see you but never ever let that define you,  dictate you and change you into someone you’re  not and not the real you. 

So,  if ever that question pops to you.  You know yourself. 
You are enough.





 You just don’t  see your worth because you’re  busy doubting and questioning yourself. 

You are worth more than a diamond or gold because YOU ARE YOU.  

Uncover the Unreal Man

Your appearance is like a lightning in the middle of pouring hard rain

Your words became a calming sound to my pain

Even I couldn’t believe what I’m about to say

But being with you, makes every seconds, minutes, hours and days well spent.


Untold Story  of the Unknown Man Part 4

All we had was four years of a bumpy ride

And one day to end four years of what we have

Four might not be a good number for you and for me

But four years was sure a hell ride for me. 

After four years of you and me, I met a person who made me believe…

Four years is just a number because I met that person four months after. 


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Four years ended like a swift wind in the sky. Undetected but unfortunately memorable. Your story may not be told but you are to be kept not in our future but in my past that will surely create my present so Thank you Unknown Man.